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Covid-19 and Dentistry

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It's Still Safe To Go To the Dentist Here

We are very aware of the hesitancy of some to go to the dentist at this present time. Our dental office is uniquely prepared to keep our patients safe. Our knowledge and practices that we have implemented long ago and recently have kept us and our patients safe even now. Your dental health is essential to your overall health and we are taking all precautions including extra protective gear, etc.

Below are just a few guidelines we're using to continue keeping you safe. Once you visit us as our patient, you'll see that our office operates in an efficient, safe, and comfortable manner. Don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss how we are keeping our patients safe.

  • Space out appointments
  • Check your temperature and other symptoms
  • Require you to wear a face mask
  • Ask about your recent travel
  • Ask whether you’ve been around people who have COVID-19
  • Tell you not to arrive early
  • Ask you to limit the number of people you bring with you, such as children
  • Have you wait outside until they’re ready for you
  • Place waiting room chairs 6 feet apart for social distancing
  • Get rid of common things people touch in the waiting room, such as toys and magazines
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